Essential Male Incontinence Products

Submitted by: Homer M. Cho

For males who suffer from incontinence, there are products that are designed to help them manage this problem. The most common devices and products include urinary collection systems, briefs and shorts, disposable briefs and liners, leg bags, catheters and travel urinals.

Urinary collection system.

Products under this category mainly focus on aiding urine collection that is less messy, as much as possible. There is what is called an incontinence system. This is basically composed of a collection bag that is neatly attached to the body. Most of these systems come with neat pants to reduce keep the bag discreet under the clothes.

Also, there can be leg style bags which are placed on the lower or upper leg. These collection bags are mostly attached to disposable or non disposable sheaths.

Briefs and shorts.

There are undergarments which are specifically made for incontinent individuals. They are the same as everyday undergarments. However, these are made with a structure that allows skin protection from being wet from the urine. There are also briefs which are equipped with absorbent pads. Most of the briefs are washable and the pads are the only items that need to be changed.


There are also boxer shorts which act the same way as incontinence briefs but are more discreet.

Clamps and pouches.

These are products have clamps that gently creates pressure on the urethra and thus, it can control light to moderate incontinence. These are ideal for individuals who suffer from incontinence but want to maintain an active lifestyle. With the clamp come the pouches that serve as absorbent containers. These can be unnoticeable under the clothes.

Pads and liners.

These are adult diapers and are made to fit the needs of incontinent individuals more as they can be better fitted and they have advanced absorbent features. There are those that come as overnight pads, there are also those that have extra compartments for better absorption. Also, there can be some which are reusable.

Leg bags.

These can be part of an incontinence system or they can be a different product altogether. Leg bags usually come with leg wraps for a more secure hold on the legs. Also, they have tubes which are attached to incontinence sheaths. There are varieties which are disposable and there are also those which may be reused a few times. Leg bags may be attached on the thighs or on the lower legs.


These are important so that urine collection can be less difficult. There are condom catheters which are attached to the penis for collection. These are ideal for those who are ambulatory.

Or, there are the regular catheters which are inserted into the urethra for collection. There are intermittent catheters which are inserted only when urine collection needs to be done. This type might not be ideal for prevention of incontinence. There is also the indwelling type wherein the catheter stays in the urethra and is replaced as necessary to prevent infection.

Portable urinals.

For those incontinent males who need to travel, there are portable urinals which are ideally leak proof. These usually come in the form of disposable bags.

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