Time Tracking Software Essentials Of An Hr Department

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Have you ever heard about Time Theft ?

In urban dictionary, taking longer breaks at work than your employer allows you to, is probably the one you will hear the term time theft referred to.

Well, here is a bit of news, according to surveys by global financial recruiter Robert Half International, the average employee steals 4.5 hours through time theft each week, which is an equivalent of six week paid vacation annually on every employee. (Re: Global finding)

Managing time is a challenge for any business and any organization intent on managing the accuracy have to have a mechanism for reliably tracking. With the universal computerization, companies large and small are converting their business processes by limiting human interaction thereby making systems reduce fraud, errors and inefficiencies that which includes data entry tasks, time card calculation errors, fraudulent time-reporting, unauthorized overtime, work schedules, documentation wage and improving payroll accuracy.


HR department plays an important role in employee engagement, welfare, grievances etc. To overcome wrong utilization of time, growth & productivity, admission or implementation of HR Software becomes significant and the benefits are immeasurable.

Amongst all technologies, Time tracking software is one such software, which has become synonyms with time tracking sheet . This software allows keeping time track on employee coming in, going out, taking breaks etc. A documented time in and out makes the whole process of preparing the payrolls very easy. The software keeps an account of permitted vacations, absenteeism etc.

The ease of using these software and the many benefits of the same have made these very popular in the HR industry. With more and more insights into the HR s pain points, Software developers have come up with enhanced features, which are introduced with solutions packages. Some of them are used to maintain database of the employees of the organization, with controlled access given to the employees, project time tracking, intra messaging services etc to name the few.

HR Department also does take care of one thing and that is the most delicate of all; it does not make the employee feel that one is vigilant over him . Nobody likes a constant watchdog who keeps a check on when one enters or exits the office. HCM Software of this nature is sure to help them value and understand importance of converting utilization of time in a more productive way. It allows the HR to be invisible and still keep an eye on the entire proceedings of the organization.

HCM One, a web based work force management software helps manage Time, Leave, Benefits and operates as a common communication / document sharing forum along with various other functions for small and medium companies.

HCM One is as a solution for any small and medium company to centralize their Human Asset Management and create a huddle for internal communication/document sharing thereby helping with higher organizational efficiency.

HCM One is a work force management software which delivers holistic functions of Human Resource Management for a small and medium business helping in higher productivity and better administration.

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