Criminal Attorneys In Lebanon County, Pa Will Help You See A Better Outcome To Your Case

byAlma Abell

Facing a misdemeanor or a felony is a scary proposition for many individuals. It can dramatically affect their life, including their employment. Depending on the seriousness of the crime, it could limit their ability to drive or see their children. Criminal attorneys in Lebanon County, PA can help someone who’s been charged with a crime to receive the best outcome to their case possible. The first thing an individual should do when they’ve been arrested is contacting a criminal attorney. They should not speak with anyone in jail or on the telephone. All jail telephone calls are recorded and anything that is said on the telephone can be held against them in court. Anything said to prison guards or cellmates could also be detrimental to an individual’s case.

When someone’s been arrested for a DUI, it can affect their driving privileges and freedom for a long time. There is a procedure that every police officer must follow when they make a DUI arrest. For example, they must have probable cause, and just pulling someone over because they look suspicious isn’t a reason. An individual must show some signs of being under the influence such as driving erratically, swerving, failing to remain in the lane or any other types of odd behavior. Sobriety tests on the side of a road must also be carried out properly for them to be admissible in court. If any of these things are not done properly, the evidence could be suppressed or thrown out of court.

Felony charges can really ruin an individual’s life because it can prohibit them from receiving federal funds for college tuition and many other detrimental things. Drug charges can be a misdemeanor or a felony. Criminal attorneys in Lebanon County, PA will help an individual determine when they should accept a plea deal or fight a case in court. A bond hearing is a great time for an attorney to find out more information about a case from the prosecutor and what evidence is available. If the evidence is weak, an attorney will take the case to court. The Law Office of Melissa R. Montgomery has years of experience representing clients in criminal cases and has had a great deal of success.

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