Carefully Selecting Medical Scrubs}

Submitted by: Sophie Katelin

Scrubs are standard uniforms for doctors, surgeons, physicians and nurses almost all over the world today. There are some hospitals that are more particular about their dress code in that they have limitations on certain colors and styles. However, in majority of the hospitals and medical centers, the staff is free to choose their own scrub styles. If you are a newbie to the medical profession, you may need some help in selecting the right medical scrubs. Given below are a few things that need to be kept in mind while purchasing your perfect scrub sets.

You need a pair of scrubs made of a fabric such that it does not show your skin or inner wear. The scrubs should not be too loose or too tight. They should be such that they make it easier for you to move around and make you stay comfortable all day long. Scrubs that are see-through or dont fit perfectly look very unprofessional and can be embarrassing.


Knowing what color suits you best can be very tricky. You need to know the exact color combination that will go with your personality. Generally, it is better to select dark colors such as black, purple, dark blue, maroon or brown. Darker colors are usually given preference since they are better at hiding blood stains which otherwise give a very disturbing look. You can find a wide variety of medical scrubs in different colors at any Clearance Scrub Tops online store.

It is also very important to keep in mind the quality of scrubs. Be sure to buy your medical scrubs from a renowned company or brand. Never compromise on the quality even if you have to pay a few extra pennies for it. Instead of buying 3 bad quality scrubs, get one good quality scrub set as it will last you way longer than the cheaper scrubs. Since you have to wear your scrubs all day long, it is best that you select the most comfortable and soft material. It is best to use pure cotton material scrubs, however if you cannot afford the pure cotton fabric, go for cotton-polyester combo. It is almost equally as comfortable as the cotton scrubs and available at cheaper rates. The material should be such that it avoids irritation due to sweat and absorbs this sweat to keep you cool and comfortable all day.

Go for scrubs with multiple pockets. Being a doctor or a nurse, you will need to carry small medical accessories with you at all times. It is physically impossible to move around all day long, carrying these things in your hands. These accessories include stethoscopes, scissors, injections or gloves.

You should always have more than one pair of scrubs in your wardrobe. There should be enough pairs to last you about a week since in your busy routine it is impossible to wash and iron your scrubs daily. Also, try to buy scrubs that are resistant to fading. Nothing gives a more unprofessional look than a pair of faded, scruffy looking scrubs. Try buying scrubs sets of different colors, prints and cuts. Having a variety in your wardrobe is great! Cheap Scrub Sets has scrub sets available in different prints, cuts and colors. They also offer lucrative deals on a wide variety of scrub sets.

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